Our History

In a perfect balance between sacred and profane, “A Madonetta” – as the Levantesi call it – is reborn from the heights of an ancient chapel inhabited by musicians and artists, where history made of legends, ancient suggestions and works of art joins in complete harmony with the present. In a moment, it offers everything you could wish for: peace, relax, comfort, natural cuisine, amidst ancient charm, unforgettable places to visit and impeccable service.

From the combination of an ancient dwelling and its uncontaminated natural environment, a custom-made dwelling for an authentic welcome is born. The historical depth of this ancient residence travel across kilometres of timeless landscapes and ancient legends that revolve around Levanto, an enchanting village on the Eastern Ligurian Coast.
It is said that the Corradi family was a branch of the Gonzaga family of Mantua that resided in Santa Maria di Godano, a small village near Levanto when the Gonzagas accompanied Otto IV to Rome to be crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The Corradis, who arrived in Levanto towards the end of the 1500s, became owners of the Madonnetta for a period of time and retained the original name of the family without ever changing it to Gonzaga.
Over the centuries, this fascinating church overlooking one of the most wonderful views of the Levanto bay became a home to artists and musicians, until the early 1900s.

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