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Levanto and picturesque villages that are scattered throughout the valleys and the crystal clear Ligurian Sea offer you an infinite number of events and opportunities to enjoy local festivals and traditions, between the sea, music and lots of fun.
Here are some of the not-to-be missed events during your stay on the Costa Levante!

Festival Amfiteatrof: this is a wonderful classical music festival with musicians coming from all over the world, that is held in different and suggestive sites both in Levanto as well as in neighbouring towns, such as the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea (Church of Saint Andrew), the church of San Giacomo, some parish churches in the hill towns and in the gardens of Villa Agnelli, which during the music festival is opened to the public and reveals all its glory on the occasion of a unique event. Absolutely not-to-be missed event for lovers of excellent music that encompasses some of the finest venues in the Costa di Levante. To stay up to date on all the musical events of the summer festival, visit the site www.festivalamfiteatrof.com

Feast of St. James: It is a traditional and colourful patron saint pageant, which takes place on July 25. Once a year, in this sizzling and colourful occasion of great popular folklore, procession of numerous baroque crucifixes crosses the town between the rivers of tourists who come to see this show of rare beauty, where participants dressed in medieval costumes welcome the flag-wavers and the historical parade opens a passage through the people to anticipate the processions of the “Christs”.
At the same time, a large market with stalls selling local products crowds the centre of Levanto and traditional fireworks light up the night sea.

Sensuosa: a well-organized series of tours and walks, which allows you to discover the sensational hill towns that are scattered throughout our valleys, with illustrations of the monuments and tastings of local dishes.

Tour of the historical centre of Levanto: is a comprehensive and suggestive tour (in Italian or English) that takes place in the streets of Levanto and in which you can find out – with a guide – all the history, the monuments and the particularities of ancient town of Levanto.

Mangialonga: now famous slow gastronomic hike through the hillside towns of the Levanto valley. Between festive stops with tastings of typical dishes, music and the green and unexplored landscapes that breathtakingly open up between a village and the other, it will be a day chock full of good food and the Italian lifestyle.

The Cimento invernale: is the traditional dip in the icy waters of the Sea of Levanto with which the inhabitants of Levanto – and now many tourists and visitors – usually take to inaugurate and usher in the New Year that is arriving. And to get your breath back after taking a plunge in the cold wintery waters, you cannot fail to drink that follows made from mulled wine to warm your limbs and to continue the party together.

To discover all the events of our wonderful Levanto and stay up to date on all the current events, visit the website: www.visitlevanto.it